Superformance GT40 for Sale

Superformance GT40 for Sale
Get the Car of Your Dreams with a
Superformance GT40 for Sale

When you think about the dream cars of the motorsports industry, one car always comes to mind. The Ford GT40 that Henry Ford II built to take on Enzo Ferrari’s winning streak in the 24 hour Le Mans Race. While the first built GT40 wasn’t victorious, Ford did finally win the race in the year 1666 with the Mark II version of the car.
Only a little over 100 of the GT40 cars were manufactured during that year. The ones that have survived the tests of time have become valued collector cars which go for over seven figures. If you are looking for a similar car at an affordable price, you may consider purchasing a Superformance GT40 for sale to get the car you want at a price you can afford.
The Dawn of a New Car
Superformance, which is a company in South Africa, offered a more affordable solution for those that wanted to have a powerful car with an affordable price. Their GT40 version is only around $125,000. Superformance has built their version of the GT40 as close to the original car as possible.  An option to put the shifter in a center location is available, or it can be placed along the sill on the side just like the original design.
A Powerful Design
The car flies, it can get to 60 miles per hour in only 3.4 seconds. The Superformance can also hit 150 miles per hour in only 15.7 seconds, which when compared to the Ford 16.9 seconds is amazing. The car ride is surprisingly nice and well made. The included brakes are strong and superior to that of the original design. At these speeds, you need something that will stop in a timely manner and can handle the rough racetrack. When you want a car with power and speed, purchase a Superformance GT40 for sale.
This version is available in either right or left-hand drive and has a modern type of suspension. You can also get an adjustable pedal box and air-conditioning inside.
Enjoy getting all the power from the GT40 car in a Superformance system that offers you the complete package at an affordable price. If you are a racing enthusiast, you will love this design and how the car handles. The power between your hands will be superior to any other vehicle you have ever driven before.
When it comes to speed and domination on the racetrack, enjoy purchasing a Superformance GT40 for sale to get a car that will hug all the curves in just the right way. Nothing rides better than this amazing car with a powerful engine underneath.

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